Bedminster and Plumstead

Loux’s Bridge is one of the few Bucks County covered bridges taken over by the state of Pennsylvania in the 1930s that wasn’t replaced or demolished. It sits on the Cabin Run Creek at the junction of Bedminster and Plumstead Townships.

The bridge was built by the county in 1874 and it originally was called John A. Loux’s Cabin Run Bridge. County business records show Loux operated a mill on the property next to the bridge. J.H. Battle’s History of Bucks County (1887) notes that Loux was the longest-tenured justice of the peace in the county; he was frequently re-elected as a Republican although most Pipersville voters were Democrats.

In 1913, Loux’s Bridge was extensively rebuilt by local contractor David Sutton at a cost of $424. After the state took possession of Loux’s Bridge, it added a new oak floor in 1970 with steel I-beams underneath at a slightly higher cost: $55,500. A bigger state project, at a cost of $345,000, renovated the bridge in 1996. Most likely, the lattice is the last original part of the bridge in place.

A Philadelphia Inquirer profile of Loux’s Bridge in 1995 revealed the bridge had initials of couples carved into the structure, as part of covered bridge lore of their use as “kissing bridges.”