Cabin Run


The Cabin Run Bridge in Plumstead is one of the 10 covered bridges still in road service in Bucks County. The county commissioners asked for it to be built by late 1871 with lattice and main beams of “white oak clear of sap.”

A 1919 field survey listed it as County Bridge 268 on the road from Point Pleasant to Stover-Myers’ Mill. Today, it sits on Covered Bridge Road over the Cabin Run Creek, which feeds into the Tohickon Creek.

The Stover-Myers Mill is two-thirds of a mile northwest of the bridge. It played an important role locally since it was an active feed and gristmill until 1955. A sawmill was also on the property. Today, Bucks County owns the mill and it is a “must stop” for Covered Bridge tourists since it is a public museum with parking and bathrooms, and original milling equipment.

Loux's Covered Bridge sits downstream from the Cabin Run Bridge and a third covered bridge existed at the Stover-Myers Mill until 1906.

Cabin Run Bridge was part of Bucks County’s tourism push in the 1950s but it may have had an unintended visitor. Residents in July 1959 reported a UFO near the bridge.